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Polycarboxylate ether(PCE)dry mix powder

Product Name:Polycarboxylate ether(PCE) dry mix power

polycarboxylate ether dry mix powder

Product Description

Polycarboxylate ether(PCE) dry mix power is a kind of powder form polycarboxylate ether superplasticizer manufactured through optimizations of molecular configuration and synthesis process.

Product Performance

Polycarboxylate ether(PCE) dry mix power can impart mortar quick plasticizing speed, high liquifying effect, easiness of defoaming as well as low loss of those properties by the time.

Polycarboxylate ether(PCE) dry mix power is of good compatibility with various kind of cement or gypsum binders, other additives such as defoaming agent, retarder, expansive agent, accelerator etc.

Recommending Application

l Flowable mortar or slurry for grouting application

l Flowable mortar for spreading application

l Flowable mortar for brushing application

l Other flowable mortar or concrete

Usage & Dosage

Dry mixed homogeneously with other ingredients of dry mortar and packaged as one product, which can be at job site mixed with recommended dosage of water for application.

Recommended dosage is 0.015-0.45% based on binder weight. The detailed dosage should be determined by test in advance according to local raw materials and construction regulation.

Packaging Specification:

PE-lined plastic kraft paper bag, 25kg/bag

Storage & Transportation Condition

Storage and transportation should be carried out in cool and dry condition.

Under high temperature and high humidity, product should be kept away from moisture and pressure to avoid coalescence or agglomeration.

If the product is not used up, the opened package must be sealed tightly to prevent moisture from ingress.

Shelf Life

12 months since production.

For product stored over shelf life, test confirmation should be done before use.

Safety Data

This product is of non-toxicity, non- irritation, non-spontaneous combustion.

This product is approved by REACH. For detailed safety issue, please refer to MSDS.

Typical Product Data:

l Appearance:whitish to light pink powder with good fluidity

l Bulk density:400-700kg/m3

l Moisture content:≤5%

l pH value of 20% solution @20℃:7 - 9

l Chlorine ion content: ≤ 0.05%

l Air content of concrete test:1.5-6%

l Water reducing ratio in concrete test :≥25%

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