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Sulfonated melamine formaldehyde powder

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Product Description

Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde,also name as Melamine sulfonate formaldehyde condensate,or melamine formaldehyde sulfonate or Melamine Formaldehyde Sulphonate polymer, is a highly effective water-reducing agent and superplastiziser for promoting accelerated hardening and free flowing concrete,cement and plasters. It is suitable for use in tropical and hot climatic conditions.



Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde is used as a superplastiziser to produce free flowing concrete in:

- Floor slabs

- Foundations

- Slender components with densely packed reinforcement

- Walls and columns

- Beams and slabs


Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde is used as a water-reducer in the manufacture of high early strength concrete for:

- Pre-cast concrete elements

- Bridges and cantilever structures

- Pre-stressed concrete

It is also used for high strength gypsum,gypsum based self-leveling,wall plaster,gypsum based putty powder etc.



Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde provides the following properties:

As a Superplastiziser

- Substantial improvement in workability without increased water or the risk of segregation.

- Normal set without retardation even when overdosed.

As a Water Reducer

- Up to 20% water reduction.

- 40% increase in 28 day strengths. High strengths after 8 hours.

- Increased frost resistance.

- Increased water tightness.


Test standards

Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde complies with ASTM C-494 Type A & F and EN 934-2 :2001

Type:      Melamine Formaldehyde Condensate

Form:        white powder

Packaging:  25kgs/bag

Storage Condition: In a dry area between 5ºC and 35ºC. Protect from direct sunlight

Shelf life 12 months minimum if stored properly in original unopened packaging


Technical Data


Density at 25℃  Approximately 0.65kg/cm3

pH value         Approximately 7--8

Chloride content 0.03%-0.04%


Application Details


1.0%-1.5% by weight of cement. It is advisable to carry out trial mixes to establish the exact dosage rate required.



Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde can be added separately to the fresh mixed concrete or directly to the mixing water prior to its addition to the aggregates.

When added separately to the freshly mixed concrete, further mixing must take place for at least one minute per cubic meter.


Concrete Placing   

The standard rules of good concreting practice (production as well as placing) must also be observed when using Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde concrete.Fresh concrete must be cured properly.


Fresh concrete must be cured properly, especially at high temperatures in order to prevent plastic and drying shrinkage.


Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde is compatible with sulphate resistant cement. Pre-trials are recommended if combinations with the above products are being made.

Please consult our Technical Services Department.



Clean all equipment and tools with water immediately after use.



When accidental overdosing occurs, the set retarding effect increases, however, no excessive amount of additional air will be entrained. During this period the concrete must be kept moist in order to prevent premature drying out.



Accidental splashes to the skin must be washed off with water and soap.

Accidental splashes to the eyes or mucous membrane must be rinsed with clean warm water. Seek medical attention without delay.Skin barrier cream, safety goggles and rubber gloves are recommended.



Do not dispose of into water or soil but according to local regulations



Non-toxic under the relevant Swiss health and safety codes




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