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Taos Chemical Co.,Ltd


The supplier of concrete admixture raw materials in China

Our business

Taos Chemical,based in Xiamen,Fujian,China,is a professional manufacturer and supplier of construction chemicals, concrete admixtures,concrete additives and industrial materials.we serve construction and industrial markets including concrete,cement, construction.Our technologies are focused on water reducing,superplastizing,set-accelerating,slump retention,set retarding, improving concrete performance and workability.

Our products

Concrete Admixtures Materials

  • Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde condensates sodium salts(SNF,PNS,FDN,BNS)

  • Polycarboxylate Ether(Liquid & powder)(PCE,PCA)

  • Sodium lignosulfonate

  • Calcium lignosulfonate

  • Sodium Gluconate

  • Silica fume/Microsilica


Dispersing Agent for Textile Industry 

Naphthalene Sulphonic acid-formaldehyde condensation

  • NNO

  • MF

  • Dekamol PES


Polycarboxylate ether powder

Since 2005
Taos Chemical is headquartered in Xiamen,Fujian,China and 3 Subordinate factories in Shandong and Jiangsu. Taos Chemical is one of the earliest companies exporting concrete admixtures to international markets in China and Taos Chemical is the expert in concrete admixture field and in specialty chemicals for construction.

Customer first
Joint success through dedication to customer satisfaction, innovation and teamwork.

Continued growth

  • Achieved through close cooperation with customers

  • Worldwide customer service

  • Focused R&D

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Taos Chemical CO.,Ltd​

Add   :Lingdouyili 136#,Siming,Xiamen

           Fujian Province,China,361000,


Tel     : +86-592-5963162

Fax    : +86-592-5963162



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Concrete admixture production line

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