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Dispersing agent

Chemical Name:
Naphthalene sulphonic acid-formaldehyde condensation sodium salts,Sodium methylenebis naphthalenesulfonate.


This product is brown(light yellow) powder, the dry substance is freely soluble in water of any hardness with good acidity and alkalinity, hard water and salt resistance.

It has good dispersing performance and it is a highly effective anionic dispersant for dyestuffs and pigment, It can be used with anionic and nonionic surface active agents.

It is used as dispersant of disperse dyes,dyeing(textile)auxiliary and dispersant of pigment.



Dispersing force (standard product):95%

pH(1%water solution):7~9

Content of sodium sulfate:≤ 15%

Fineness (residue through 60-mesh sieve):≤ 5%

Impurity content insoluble in water:≤ 0.2%

Dispersing agent is used as levelling agent,dyeing auxiliary,auxiliary tanning agent in leather-making industry.

Packing:25kgs/bag,Kraft Paper bag

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