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Sodium Gluoconate (Industrial Grade)


CAS NO.:527-07-1

EINECS(EC) NO.:208-407-7

HS CODE: 2918160000

Appearance:white crystal powder,soluble in water, slightly solved in alcohol,

Molecular weight:218.14

Molecular Formula:C6H11O7Na  

Production Standard:QB/T 4484-2013



Loss on drying:0.50%max

Reducing substances:0.70%max

pH value:6.2-7.8



Pb:2µg/g max

As:2µg/g max

Heavy Metals:10µg/g max


Sodium gluconate is used to added to concrete to delay the setting for cement and concrete,especially in summer,sodium gluconate added to concrete and cement can abviously reduce slump loss and extend the workability of the fresh concrete,and the adding doesn’t influence the final concrete strength.

The adding rate is about 0.03%-0.07%,when applied to concrete,recommend to do a test to determine the proper adding rate.



It is normally packed in 25kg plastic woven bag with water proof PE bag inside,or pack in 500kg or 1000kg in jambo bag.


Storage and shelf life

It is stored in shadow and dry place,keep package sealed.shelf life 24 months.

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