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EU and USA imposed Anti-dumping duty on sodium gluconate originating In China


In 2010,EU imposed anti-dumping duty on sodium gluconate imported from China.One sodium gluconate manufacturer was imposed 5.6% anti-dumping duty,and another sodium gluconate manufacturer was imposed 27.1% anti-dumping duty in China,Other sodium gluconate manufacturers and Sodium gluconate suppliers are in China were imposed 53.2% anti-dumping duty.

In 2017, EU decided :”anti-dumping duty on imports of dry sodium gluconate originating in the People’s Republic of China will continue unchanged for a further 5 years.”

In 2018,USA imposed anti-dumping duty on Sodium Gluconate, Gluconic Acid, and Derivative Products from China.

If any importers and users in EU plans to purchase sodium gluconate with 5.6% anti-dumping tax from China manufacturer,please contact us,we will assist you and offer service for you.

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