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sodium gluconate industry grade

Sodium gluconate industry grade,use for concrete admixture latest shipment with pallet

sodium gluconate industry grade

Latest shipment of sodium gluconate for concrete admixture users
Sodium gluconate 98%min industry grade,25kgs/bag,23mt/20ft container with pallet.

Sodium gluconate, the sodium salt of gluconic acid, finds applications in various sectors due to its versatile properties.

sodium gluconate industrial Grade application : Widely employed in water quality stabilizers, metal surface treatment, and textile cleaning,concrete admixtures as concrete retarding concrete admixture.
Food Grade: Used as a food additive to suppress bitterness in food products12.
Technical Grade: Suitable for industrial applications.
Water Quality Stabilizer: Sodium gluconate helps maintain water quality by sequestering metal ions like copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, and aluminum.
Textile Industry: It’s used for cleaning and degreasing fibers.
Construction Industry: Acts as a plasticizer.

Taos Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of sodium gluconate supplier in China,we haves exported sodium gluconate to our customer for more then 15years.

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